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Thread: 89 sp no spark

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    89 sp no spark

    Hi to all. We have a 1989 seadoo sp (not my choice!! wife bought it) Any way, noticed this evening when I went to start it that it would start with out the lanyard attached. Its sitting on the trailer when I noticed this, so I reached over put my hand over the flame arrestor inlet and choked it down. I pulled the switch out for the lanyard and replaced with a switch from a parts ski I have. Same thing except now I have no spark, Any ideas?
    Thanks for any ones help

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    no spark

    check switch see doo changed from nomally closed to open on kill switchs how many yrs between switchs ?

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    2 things to check:

    1. Make sure your wires for the kill switch and or lanyard are not crossed in the elctrical box.

    2. The Engine Speed Limiter (Rev Limiter) controls the engine cut out switch. My 89 SP had a bad Rev Limiter that cause it to not spark with the lanyard and spark without it.

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