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    idel and rpm problem 02 virage i 800

    I just purchased this watercraft. the machine starts right up but won't stay ideling and when you ride it it will only reach about 5500 rpm at 3/4 throttle when at full throttle the machine losses about 1500rpm I thought it was a plug because the rear cylinder plug was wet but after installing a new plug i had the same problem another wet plug and the plugs are the one the machine calls for this is a 02 fuel injected 800 machine thank youfor any help ed

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    Are you seeing any warning messages or red lamp on the display?

    Have you checked compression on both cylinders?

    When it loses RPM, does it run roughly, or smoothly and just slower?

    Does the power surge, or maintain a steady RPM?

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    ecu has a popped capacitor, I've had one with that problem dfi tech can check it and repair it for cheap ( relative to the cost of unobtainium)

    btw, no warning lights or error codes..and I couldn't get a comm link with the ecu with podiag to read anything anyway.

    pull the ecu and covers and look for some outgassed areas under the gel, you may see a small melt down around the defective bit

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    The compression is go about 110 on each drove it last night and at 5500 rpm the ski runs rough varing in rpm it doesn't idel for long but starts up without much effort when full throttle is applied the ski bougs down to around 4000rpm what is the ecu?? where is it on the ski thanx for the help ed

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    Red face

    sorry forgat the other things the ski does surge somewhat and their are no warning lites that come up

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