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    Smile PLEASE HELP!! on GP800 Yamaha ski 2000

    I had a gp800 brought in in pieces for me to rebuild and install engine .all went well until I got the exhaust sensor in,now I cant find a head sensor anywhere(thermo switch) the head has a place for temp sensor,so does exhaust ,however there is only one sensor and lead on this ski.for kicks I looked at engine install on sbt website ,they are showing 2 sensors one in the exhaust one in head,did someone unplug and loose it ??I swear on any yamaha fiche for gp800 2000 it only shows one thermo sensor.Guys need help quick on this one.I just finished rebuild and have test run, all seems well.THanks in advance>Marvin

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    all is fine, there actually is only ONE sensor!!
    Also install it in the stinger not the head.

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    thats where i put it,i was 99% sure but those are the ones that get you thanks my friend if I can ever help you just ask>Marvin

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