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    Angry Just Gotta' VENT!!

    For the past month I have been trying to get my daughters GSX800 together after having it sit for 2 years broken. It burnt a piston (I trashed the oil injection and will premix from now on) but otherwise it was in perfect condition, everything WAS there and together. While the ski was inoperative I allowed a friend of mine who runs a jet ski repair shop to remove the starter solenoid for a customer's ski as he was out of stock and promised to replace it with a new one when they came in. His mechanic came to get the solenoid and ended up cutting out my complete rear electrical box harness, plugs and all, removed the cylinders for the same ski and left bolts and parts strewn all over the place. I just found this out a month ago. I've had to replace the harness, solenoid and hustle up numerous bolts, all paid for by my friend. Now today when I was putting the engine's exhaust together, I found out that the guy broke off a bolt in my header, lost the pipe support and lost or stole all but 1 exhaust bolt! I am PISSED off, I just ordered 7 new bolts and washers and the pipe support from XtremePowersports at a cost to me of $97. I checked a local bolt supply specialty store and they didn't have them in stainless/metric/socket head.
    This was an aggravating lesson learned, and I will NEVER allow anyone to "borrow" anything from my skis ever again. I don't hold any hard feelings towards my friend, he has been more than cooperative in helping me piece the ski back together and I couldn't have fixed the piston without his help. Besides he has given me a lot of nice stuff (my first jetboat, a fax machine, a killer Atlas lathe, a job, countless meals at nice resturants, my sons job, and harassments out the wahzoo!!) just because he is like that. The mechanic no longer works for him any more, he replaced him with a smart a$$ know-it-all mechanic that is still learning the ropes.......ME!!
    Now I feel a little bit better, but I am $97 lighter and at least another week from finishing the project. UGGGGGGGGG!!!

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    well glad everything is working out for you but just know your not alone out there, seriously there's a new story at least once a week of someone letting someone borrow their ski or borrow just period. no matter how friends are or not and whomever is 'nice' something bad always just seems tl happen...wrong. the more the word of don't loan your stuff out I think the less the hard ache a lot of people will suffer

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    Good to hear everything is worked out, Im sure your friend will reimburse the $97.00 too. Learning a lesson from letting someone ride your ski just happened to me this Sunday. My girls cousin was riding my ski and somehow got tossed over the front of the ski. In the process he broke off my left mirror. The second he told me about it when he got back to shore I said "you break it, you bought it". He gave me the 60 bucks to buy a new one, but its still a pain to drive to Pompano to get it and and install it. I hate to be looked at as a selfish dick, but I honestly dont want to let others ride my ski anymore. Too many horror stories.

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