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    Help me out.... Is this a good price for this trailer?

    My brother and I just recently bought a couple of yamaha jetskis (2005 xlt1200 and a 2004 gpr1300). It came with a dual trailer. Ive been going out to the river alot without him and he does the same. So i want to look into getting a single trailer for myself.

    Where is the best place to go about finding a decent good priced single pwc trailer for my xlt? What would be a fair price to expect to pay for one? How old of trailer is too old to even bother with?

    I found this trailer on a local craigslist:
    2002 trailer good condition w/ title

    They want 500 for it, but seem to be somewhat flexible. Whats a fair price?

    Sorry if the pic is bad... its from the ad. THANKS in advance!

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    That is an ok price. Id offer him $400.

    Make sure you take a wrench with you and make sure the lug nuts can come free. I had to take my trailer in and have new wheel studs put on as some were frozen locked. The dealer had to use a torch to free them.

    Also check the lights and trailer jack.

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    I see it's missing fendors too. $350.00.

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    I could not sell better ones than that for $150 last fall.

    I would give him $100 and then have to spend money on fenders etc.

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