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    Red face Newbie question on 2 stroke lower end lubrication

    Okay, this question expresses my limited knowledge on how a 2 stroke engine works......I'm curious how the bottom end of the engine gets lubrication, as in the case of my SL650 I want to pull the oil pump and block off the oil line going to crankcase (according to the instructions I've seen so far), so after doing so, when I premix the fuel, how does the bottom end stay lubricated if there is no longer a line taking oil to the case? Just curious....

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    The line is just a supply line for the pump. the pump is gear driven off the crank. with oil injection the line exiting the pump goes to the carbs and mixes the oil into the air drawn in through the carb. A 2 stroke pulls air fuel down into the crankcase and pressurises transfer ports. That circulation of air /fuel mixture through the crankcase is all it takes to lube the bottom end. it provides a light coating of oil. when the piston drops below the transfer ports that mixture is then transferred above the piston and is compressed on the compression stroke. when you premix it is just mixed in the fuel tank instead of mixing in the carb venturi. If you get time go to how type in 2 stroke. they have a pretty good animation on it.

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    Awesome, now I know. Thanks Desertdweller!

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