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    92 GTX, No spark

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the site.

    I have a 92 GTX that has been sitting ( outside) for about 4 years. When last used it ran fine. I tried to start it yesterday and there is no spark.

    I replaced the plugs and still nothing.

    What's the best way to start trouble shooting this?


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    Check for approx. 25 Volts AC going into the Coil connection while turning over the engine. If you have Trigger Voltage in and no Spark out, then your Coil is suspect.

    If you *don't* have that 25vac Trigger Voltage at the Coil then it is most likely your Magneto Plate "Exciter Coil" or Ignition Module (brainbox) is bad.

    The Exciter Coil output can also be checked and should have approx. .5~.75 VAC output when turning over. Not sure of the wire color codes for that model though.

    If you have a digital multi-meter w/ a "Data Hold" button that will help since these voltages pass through very quickly.


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    Is your battery fully charged?

    check HT leads etc for corrosion


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    thank's guy's,

    The battery was new and not fully charged, I had it hooked to a battery charger set at 10 amps while cranking, which I think, should be ok.

    The batt is charged now and I will try it again and check the other area's.

    Thank's, Keith

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