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    how many hours before rebuild on 2 stroke

    Thinking of getting a used 2003 xp di. How many hours would these engines normally run before a rebuild is needed ? What would be considered a lot of hours on one of these machines ?


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    Anywhere from 50 to 500 could need a rebuild. Every ski is different, and how it was maintained matters greatly.

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    It all depends on the rider. If a person owned it and ragged the crap out of it, never flushed it and let it sit all winter with no storage oil in it then 20 hours could be a lot.

    What I do is pay attention to the person selling the craft and ask questions like who winterized the ski or did the up keep on it. If they say something like "Man I have never had to touch it, its always just started everytime" then you know it never got winterized. Therfore its prob gonna blow up on ya

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    All depends on the riders and person doing the maintenance. My ski is a 95 XP with probably 300 + hours and it still has perfect compression and no issues. I just maintain it and store is properly

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    I have a freind who used to race the 951 skis. He says to do a preventative top end at 150 hrs. My GTXL shattered a piston at 160 hrs. That was much more expensive than a top end.

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