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    Info needed on SPX

    Hey guys, just sold my very problematic polaris sl750 and have decided to start looking for another ski. Found a 1997 SPX for about 2300$. Does this look like a fair price to pay? Any known problems with this ski and should I stay away? Are these good for pulling towable tubes? Let me know please, I'd hate to do the same mistake twice. Thanks!

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    Reliable motor, great hull design, loads of fun. It is only a two seater (or realistically a 1.5 seater). It will not be legal for towing, and can be unstable with more than one person. It is one of the most fun skis with a high power to weight ratio, but will tire if you just want to cruise.

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    thats a great price if its in great condition with an aluminum trailer. +1 on the above statement.

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    OK so I just went and seen it. Great looking machine but the ownwe painted the white and yellow above the water level. Did a descent job but it's really easy to tell that it was painted. He even went as far as painting the seat
    Apparently he's a paint rep and added a bunch of flex agent and he says it'll last forever but I seem to thinh he completely ruined this ski. Aside from cosmetics, seems like a great ski. Doesn't come with trailer so that makes the deal a little sour. Haven't decided yet. Gonna go look at a 1995 XP720 tomorrow. How are these compared to the SPX??

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    Same riding characteristics, 25 less HP. I ride a 94 spx - same hull, 650 cc, and love it.

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