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    Missing part from Riva OR??

    Just cut open the intake manifold on a buddies X boat and when I asked him for the block off plate and clamp all he had was the block off plate... no clamp to secure it.

    Is the clamp a separate order??? I did mine a while back so I don't remember.

    This blows since we were supposed to water test tomorrow...

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    SO.. the stock intercooler on a 215 model has the clamp there and since we didn't order the intake manifold upgrade kit since I had the hole saw already all we have is the cap.

    Is there a clamp from a hardware store that we could grab?? Anyone know the size or is that not going to be an option??

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    Are you taking about the clamp that holds the oem ic in place?

    If so, you might have better luck at an auto parts store....exhaust system clamp....maybe.

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    X models need the Riva intake manifold upgrade kit which comes with a specially made billet clamp.

    For 215 hp units all you need is the blockoff plug. You utilize your stock clamp.

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    He's talking about the clamp in this pic...

    From reading it looks like it's only included in the kit, though I've seen clamps on plenty of plumbing related things that are similar. You may very well find one at lowes/HD, but if you've got a plumbing supply house nearby that may be a better bet. Looks to me like it's the same type of clamp that's on the end of the exhaust manifold on the 08+ models.

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