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    Paint Job

    Got an 96 750SLT in need of a new look. I bought some micro-mesh sanding disks thinking I could get the shine on the Gel coat back but I just burned through the paint. Anyone got any ideas? Never painted a PWC before. I also followed the fix for my MFD by cutting it open and cleaning the contacts. Worked great untill it rained hard. I sealed it with silicone just to try it out and kind of forgot about it. Took it back apart and cleaned up the mess but lost the rubber contact strip that goes between the LCD and electrical board. So I'm back to where I started no MFD readout and one ugly old ski. Can anyone tell me if this MFD will fit my ski? Part number is 328-0269. I'm thinking about buying it if its cheap enough. Link is Mahalo, Dave

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    Go to an automotive store and get decent sand paper. Probably like 320 grit. Get it all sanded up and smoothed out. Then get base coat clear coat paint and have it re-sprayed. PPG and Dupont are two good paints that I've always had my friend that paints for me use. If you didn't do anything below the rub rail I would leave that alone and just paint the top deck. That MFD you need I think is an 8 pin. Your link didn't work for me but if you ask around they're always floating around on this site. Just make sure its tested and works properly before you buy one.

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    Thanks for the advice...I think I'm going to wait untill fall to paint it otherwise I'll never get it in the water but I'll go ahead and start a materials list. For the MFD my is an 8 pin and so is the one I found on EBAY....was listed under Polaris guages not MFD. Can you tell me if it will fit...I'm think it should since it is an 8 pin. Add says it does work so I'm ready to buy it...that is if I can get it for under $200

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    I just bought a 96 SLT 780 and the MFD wasn't working either. Sounds as if you know it is not a fuse? Thats all it was for me. Saved over $200.00. Could you go to shop that deals with contacts and make your own strip? Be a lot cheaper. Hope you get it working. Oh, by the way you from da kind?

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