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    best pump to use

    building a high hp small boat with yamaha mr-1 engine. around 400-600 hp. which pump is best suited for high hp and high speed? Have a plane jane 02 fx140 pump but know there is better. Would it be best to send it out to skat and have it turned into a magnum pump? if so how many viens? And whats a good starter impellor for 400-600 hp in a 18' boat hull?

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    SKAT is the best never tested only what i hear.

    But for the simple change over i love my seadoo pump works TOPS for me talk to Jason for a adaptor.

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    was wondering about the rxp pump, its all aluminum and im prety sure 9 or 10 vein stock. Im building a 18' speedboat, basically a bass boat with a jet drive and fully built yamaha mr-1 engine with a turbo. So I could graft in either the yamaha hull section or seadoo section into the back of the hull. Id like to stick to all yamaha. but not dead set on that if the seadoo pump works better. What does everyone think? yamaha pump modified by skat or seadoo pump? also what is a good starter prop to start with for 400-600 hp?
    Boat is similar to the one with the rxp engine but changing a few things around and using yamaha power in a little longer hull. Looking for 70mph min.
    I know the hull can do the speeds because with a 250 on the back the boat was real close to 90mph.

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    In my opinion you should look at a big pump with all that power. There are 170mm pumps out there I believe. I would suggest talking to Skat. The pump inlet on the bottom of the boat is going to be the key to how the pump and boat performs. Too much or too little water going in will dramatically change your results. I wouldn't know where to start on doing research, but I suggest you do some before you get into construction of the pump tunnel. Maybe the race boat scene has some info like this available.

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    thats exactly what I am looking for is good info on the pump inlet and certain pumps to use. As of right now i have a yamaha fx hull section to make a mold of for the pump inlet. But also keep in mind that the engine doesn't always have 400 hp. only at redline and high boost. So Im hoping I can get away with prety much a standard setup that people are using.

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