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    04 RXP ECU problem

    Hello everyone,

    Everything was working great one day until I half flooded the hull. Since then the engine seems to have gone into limp mode and the gauges no longer respond. However the engine still starts and runs well. I thought the problem was my MPEM since it was practically buried under water but I got a different one here on the forum and that has lessened the amount of beep codes but still no two chirps when I put the key on. I know everything else works properly since I was able to check it with a working ecu. However it doesn't work for my motor since it was a NA and not a SCIC ECU. Is it possible that a good ECU can still run the engine without comunicating with the LCD? Would it be suggested to get a new ECU or take it in to service to see if they can "reprogram" it to work with the LCD and MPEM? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    i recently dealt with a similar but not identical circumstance.

    Two things bouncing around...

    1-ecu is shot
    2-current ecu got blipped and can be recovered with a connection to buds so various bits can be reflashed.

    in my case the gauges were dead, the engine cranked, but no spark. recognized the key.

    Had to send it to a seadoo dealer to program it. They copied the map out of the opld ecu and shot it into a working ecu I found on ebay.

    all good

    gauges checked out on a similar boat to be working, as did the mpem, I it _had_ to be the ecu ( luckily...not having a parts depatment makes this a risky guess.)

    anyhow if you can easily get into seadoo, get it reprogrammed, be ready to buy a new ecu however if need be. Having a spare of the exact same part number eases the pain of the rtail on a new ecu. You mgith not need it.

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