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    Success with pump!!

    Hello, Greenhulkers:

    I finally got around to rebuilding the pump drive on my MSX 150--and it was a breeze. I had to order a new stainless steel wear ring for $138, but the impeller was fine. Once I rebuilt the impeller section with a kit and installed the new wear ring, the gap between the impeller blade and the wall of the new wear ring was perfect and uniform all the way around. After all the problems I've had, it was great to fix something without another problem popping up in the process.

    Of course, ordering the impeller tool was the most important step. I really don't think an impeller can be removed on this ski in any way EXCEPT by using the right tool. At least, it couldn't come off undamaged, anyway.

    Thanks to K447 and KOSH for the guidance. And thanks to about a dozen of you who replied to help me on this problem.



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    It's a pleasure to help, especially when you get feedback

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