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    ** How hot should Rideplate get on RXP ??

    Hi everyone. Need some help please. Have an 05 RXP and just added Xcharger with iS polished inlet, 42#er's, Rotax racing thermostat assembly, 15/20r, kanaflex, larger intercooler restrictor, ..

    We ofcourse had to drain the coolant sytem and then pu tin thrmo and then refill up . We put in the coolant all back and started it up and hooked up the hose and ran it for a little carefully waching the coolant tank.

    As I revved it up slightly I could see the coolant dropping and then filling back up so i assumed that the coolant was flowing well. After about 4 mins i shut off the ski and noticed the coolant was a little low so i then pu tin a littl emore.

    The level now (after I have driven the ski today ) is about at the min level line.

    Here's my question.. I put my hand under the back of the ski and touched the rideplate and it was pretty darn hot. I mean if I kept my hand on it it woul dhave burned my fingers.

    Is this normal?? if not what should check or recheck?? I si tpossible that I need to burp the system somehow?

    Any and all help will be great and appreciated.

    BTW the ski is running great and is hitting 8050-8100. So I'm happy so far

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    yeah it's normal, It's the radiator, if you started a car and took out the fan ( water is like rideplates fan) from the radiator it will get really hot to, same thing just different, just try to spray water on it, or something.

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    cool thanks. yeah I just spoke to my buddy as well. I knew the rideplate was essentially the heat exchanger just wasn't sure if it got that hot. thanks .

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