So just how long is a PWC ride when you belong to a club like PWCoffshore or SoCal Watercraft club? Well my guess is that for every hour of on the water riding time some of us may drive roundtrip about two hours; cleanup time may take up to one hour unless you’re John Belton then add some more detail time; socializing add two hours if Young is on scene; more time if we visit Aaron at Dana Point Ski; and yet another hour if we do lunch. Its eight hours later and I’m now home.

Today we did lunch and ate Pho, a Vietnamese dish that has been around for nearly 100 years. If you haven’t heard – its now official. Our 1200 mile ride down the Vietnam coastline is taking shape – Feb/Mar 2010. Thanks to Paul for buying. It should’ve been my treat because today while on the return trip back to Dana Point as I was dodging kelp my Seadoo caught a side swell that caused me to get launched at full speed. Can’t think of many reasons for getting launched other than lack of riding after coming back from Alaska and a still broken Ultra going on three weeks. Other factors could include my dehydrated state on the ride back, being tired from yesterday’s workout, and lack of rain X on the goggles or my too loose UMA steering.

Goal now is to get my Seadoo bars to match the height and width of my Ultra bars at their highest position. For that I’ll need to add a 3” block and cut off 4 inches to the handlebars. In my opinion the Ultra 250X still has the best set up for riding offshore. The rest of the eight or so skis out today got a later start than we did so not everyone made it back to the launch ramp at the same time.

Thanks Mark for being my wingman. Breakdowns and getting launched plus the chance of getting lost should be three good reasons for employing the wingman concept. Visit for more info. Paul caught up to me just in time to tow me back to my ski. He thought I was hurt at the way I yelled for him to hurry up - I blame it all on shark week. If you want to buy and wear a PFD (personal flotation device) that is 100 mph rated to keep you in tact from a WOT launch that can also withstand Alaska cold then the Force 6 Mustang vest is it. It’s what Shawn uses. Visit for more info and tips and courses on safe PWC riding.

If it was just me out there with the Seadoo on its way to the bottom of the ocean or otherwise then I know I would have a fighting chance. What you carry on you may be all you have to survive at that moment. My vest pockets contain everything from a (VHF, signal mirror, SPOT personal locator beacon, whistle) first aid kit, knife and more. The only visual marks from my launch is a scratch and now black and blue scrape across my right bicep. Otherwise, don’t feel any different. What a great sport. I suppose one can drown but that just does not seem likely with this vest on.

Todays riding from Dana Point to Oceanside and back was near flat conditions with the occasional swell making its way to shore. Sunny, mid to high 70’s.

So can you now say Pho (pronounced phir in English) and PFD, WOT, PWC? See you on the water!


Thinking about racing Dana Point to Oceanside and back? Want more info? Visit

Next weekend NoCal DJSA Outlaw racing. See PWCToday for more details or Young or JimOU812.

If you’ve ever had the urge to rough it for a weekend on your PWC then save Saturday/Sunday August 29/30, 2009 as a ride and camp weekend out to Catalina Island. No WIMPS please. The location is known as Italian Gardens (Waypoint N33.24.58 W118.22.55)

If you don’t know how to anchor then we’ll teach you as you’ll be anchoring in between 30-90 feet of water. Late hour riding? Pirate patrol to Avalon? Who knows what this group can get into?