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    650 wont stay running

    Newbe here,
    I have a 650TS and it will not stay running for more the 45 seconds and then it just dies.
    I have rebuilt the carb (CDK2) and i have checked the pop off pressure, 23PSI. i have tried a differnt spring with the same 23PSI. the hand fuel pump is full after it dies. New fuel lines and have taken the fuel switch out, and ran from the carb to Res line, wait for a few minutes and it starts up again.
    I have done a leak down test, the motor will hold 9PSI for over an hr with out loss, checked it 2x and came the same both times.
    Kind of at a loss with this one and any help would be appreciated.

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    check your spark You could be loosing it. May be a stator problem or a sheared flywheel key

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    I had an issue with a 750 that did the same thing.. Found that the battery has no amps even though it had the voltage. After I started the ski it drained the battery and had no energy for a decent spark. I took the battery to Advance auto store and had them test it.. They mentioned it was dead and bought a new battery.. Works great now!

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    Just a heads up, i rebuilt the carb and found that i put the high speed circuit in backwards. repaired and have been out on the water with out any problems....

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    excellent news. Explain how you put the high circuit in backwards? YOu mean the order of the spacers and diaphrams?

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