started out great , but noticed some condesation in the guage package. mfd) ??? machine started and ran fine for about 30 minutes , start stop traffic , burned some washers , and donuts , gave a lady in a boat a tow , etc.... running back to beach felt a little burp .....2 or 3 times but very small ??? but then back up to full speed and a responsive throttle . hit beach sat for a bit , and nothing at start/ stop switch ??? no click , nothing ???

bilge works , so i have power. new battery , but swaped with my sltx and same thing , nothing . for kicks andd giggles we crossed jumped the starter cylinoid , and fires right up . shut it off with start /stop switch , so i am guessing it isn't the problem. do this again , and pull lanyard and it shuts off, so no issues there. even tried bilge and start/ stop button ....nothing. notice that my battery is drops of rain on it , so i am wondering if i got a little water in my electrical box , and shorted something out ???? maybe my seal around drive shaft is bad.....some water in hull but like maybe a cup or two , but we had 2 days of slow rain. my machines are always coverd when not in use , but not nose up and water pools in foot wells.

and would the condesation in the guage package do this ???? took it out of dash , and dosn't appear to be any problem with the foam seal around it , which i know dosn't seal the mfd , but would be a sign .
what does the wire from my battery side of starter cylinoid running back to e-box do ???? this is a red wire. i am thinking it sends signal to cylinoid to tell it to fire ????

my mfd was kind of like a game of space invaders while this was happening. even when we got it running , by cross jumping the cylinoid .

any ideas??