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    Awesome ride this weekend

    I rode solo up the Missouri river, approx 40 mile round trip. Plenty of big river cruisers out, got some really good jumps in. There was this monster cruiser coming up river, couldn't get on plane to save his rear end, was pushing major wake. Nothing like you coastal guys get, but approx 3 feet of wake was enough to get me sailing. I'm sure if someone has a camera on me, I had the cheesiest grin as I lined up the jump.

    Here's a pic from my stopping point.

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    Good looking ski...that's the 760 model...what kinda speed you getting out of her? The purple hull is one sick twin raider!

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    I haven't gotten a GPS on it, and the dream meter is missing one of the 4 spokes, so it's doesn't read right. 760, yeah. I'm thinking when it's time for a top end rebuild at the end of the year that it's time for a bore and maybe a pro-k flame arrestor upgrade. Prop maybe, ride plate. We'll see. I do love this boat, I bought a 96 Kaw 900ZXI, but I still like this one better....

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