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    RXP no power, low speed after s/c rebuid

    (Very sorry, this is going to be long)

    Hi everyone,
    Ive been lurking the forums for some time, never registering, but very recently have come up with a problem I'm having much trouble resolving even after searching and reading so if I may Id like to ask for some advise.
    Basically the issue is that at about 31 hours my 07 RXP suddenly lost power and would hit no more than 55-60mph tops on very flat water, while previously it did 69-70. The loss of power was even more evident when taking out my perfectly running 06 RXP back to back with this one and the difference was night and day.

    I took it to Motorcycle Mall in Belleville NJ and after about 2 weeks of waiting and nagging them they rebuilt the supercharger claiming a stripped drive gear as a culpret...i think (not sure xcatly, they were very vague ).

    Took it out to the lake that same weekend and it ran perfect for about 2 hours then suddenly, same thing happened with almost the same symptoms. Specifically I was riding hard , taking some turns , full throttle , etc. and all of a sudden it just lost power. I could not get it to go faster that 55, maybe 60, the supercharger whine/whistle disappeared, and it wouldn't accelerate as authoritatively as before. I took it back to Motorcycle Mall and after another 2 weeks they claimed that it was perfectly fine and nothing was wrong.

    Here is where I made a mistake, they told me they have to take it out for a ride to test it, I agreed without asking if its covered under warranty...they never mentioned it wasn't. When they got back to me after the test ride, again they claimed it was fine and all they did was check some specs and checked it I owed them $190 for a test ride...which i was forced to pay.

    Yesterday I took it out to test myself and not only is it still running like shit, but after it warms up properly it actually has idling issue...instead of idling at around 1700 or so, it starts dipping to 1200 and then even lower and eventually starts vibrating and sounding like it will die any minute. It wont go any higher than 58mph or so when fully warmed up, the rpms dont go higher than 7100rpm at WOT, and supercharger whine/whisle sound is DEFINITELLY NOT THERE, which it is on my other RXP and which I REMEMBER CLEARLY was there before. Here's the interesting part, when I took it out yesterday and the ski was still relatively cold , only running for like 4-5 minutes, it was able to hit around 65mph, but as soon as it warmed up , I couldn't even hit 60mph. Now i KNOW for a FACT that there is something wrong with this ski, I don't know what it is, but since it had the s/c rebuild im guessing its something to do with it. Motorcycle Mall of Belleville , NJ is now owing up to their failure and im now considering involving the Better Business Bureau, I at least want my $190 for the useless test run. I also plan on taking the ski to another dealer this week. But essentially im looking for advise, help, anything. Should I go through the BBB ? What could be the culprit ? I'm at a loss, this ski has been down for a total of about 5 weeks now and Im getting both furious and very frustrated about it, plz help and I'm very sorry for the long rant and first post.

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    SC gear stripped? thats would take out the flywheel in the process...and that would require a whole motor removal and tear down

    How mechanically incline are you? Can you remove the intake hose (band clamp) on the SC and check to see if you can spin the SC wheel with your fingers?

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    i can definitelly take a look and see if the supercharger spins freely. However its worth mentioning that the rubber tubing leading from the supercharger does expand when throttle is applied, so i know its making some boost. I think ill try and compare how the pipe expands on the running 06 jet ski vs the damaged 07 one.

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