I've got 5-6 hours on a remanufactured SBT engine. The broken engine lost due to #3 oil injection line coming off. I did check the oil pump worked and ran out of time to put the block off kit in so I just ran 40:1 through the tank + oil injection. No harm, just smoked a lot and had to change plugs. After 2-3 hours of use, I installed oil block off kit.
Next time out, ski ran great except it was a tricky to start after it had been run for a while. I checked the reed valves when I did the engine change and they were fine. I also removed the fire suppressor on top and there were no signs of oil or blowback due to bad reeds.
In summary, I am trying to figure out why it has difficulty starting after being run/engine warm/hottish. Any ideas would be appreciated.