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    97 GSX loses power

    So I have read some other threads about this and nothing seems to be quite like mine. I dont have it at WOT, I have it anywhere from half to 3/4 throttle. It happened one day later in the day then the next time it happened less than 1/2 mile from dock. Pull the key and put it back on and it starts. 12V blinks then stops. I thought maybe the battery but it starts. Stopped or about an hour then went for a ride for about 25 min and no problems. Any ideas? I dont think it quits at a certain rpm, because I did have it at WOT at one point later on. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!!

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    Maybe you should post what you have done to the ski. Like...have you changed the fuel lines? Have you removed the carbs and cleaned them lately? Because if you haven't, it's kinda a waste of time for us to troubleshoot the obvious.

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