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    Best Child 30-50lb Lifevest

    Trying to find a good level 3 lifevest for a 30-33lb child.
    Anyone have a good one that they would recommend.

    I bought a neoprene lifevest at SAMS with the back headreset thing but I later read the inside of the lifevest and it said it's not a lifevest but a buoyancy vest not to be used for boating.

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    My son has one by Ocean Pacific. Type 3 neoprene (no headrest, just a zipper and buckles.)

    He loves it and it has held up very well to years of abuse.

    I want to say it was from Sam's Club, but need to check with our friends who got it for him as a present.

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    My son is about 2 so he's not a strong swimmer. My concern with being on a jetski is we hit something (maybe hit some shallow ground) get jarred and thrown from the ski.

    I was hoping to get something that would keep his head afloat and face up. Base on this site it looks like a type 1 or 2 is what I need.

    I think I want a v in the front too. I've noticed the ones without the V push up the front of the vest into his face when he is completly in the water, even with the crotch straps.

    It would be cool if they had child ones that shot out floats when they got alot of water on them. Like a switch you could turn on when you were riding.

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    FYI - you might want to just double check your local boating regs...they just added this to CT regulations last year:

    "No passenger shall be permitted to ride in front of the operator on a personal watercraft. No passenger shall be permitted to ride upon a personal watercraft unless the passenger is able to securely hold onto the person in front of them or to the handholds on the personal watercraft, and is able to keep both feet on the deck of the personal watercraft so as to maintain balance while the personal watercraft is in operation."

    A violation up here is a Risk of Injury to a Minor charge, big $$$ and a mandatory court appearance.

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    Wow I'll keep my eyes open. Thanks for the heads up.
    Doesn't look like it made the TN regulations

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