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    rxt..want to get 70mph..

    i got riva stage 1...getting 68mph on gps....any tips on what o need to hit 70mph.....thanks....

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    Do you have your ride plate holes filled? I am at 69 on my 06 RXT with riva stage 1 and ride plate holes filled. To get to 70, as soon as I get my RXTX back I am going to have my throttle body modded and then the prop tweeked. I think I will be over 70 then.

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    this should get you there.

    The supercharger upgrade would require more fuel.

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    Hmm, let me think back a year.....
    I think with the stage 1 kit, rideplate holes filled, prop tweaked to get the most out of your RPM's and throttle body modified you should be right at 70 if you are at 68 now.
    Check this out, it helped me on my mods.

    NOTE: If you think you may want more out of your ski. Sit down and think of where you want to be at in the end and just do it from the get go. You will save yourself a lot of time and money. I started with a few mods here and there and continued with the build increasing my max speed goal from 70 to 75 to 80. Wish I would have just done it all at once and been done to enjoy.

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