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    Ultra 150 Pump Question?

    If my pump is going out,would that cause the water coming out of the pissers to be reduced to about 1/2 flow and/or cause the ski to run hot?

    Its running hot and i cannot figure out the problem.I've tried everything except for replacing the pump if that could be the problem.

    I ask because there is a ringing sound coming from the rear when on throttle.

    Any help would be appreciated,thanks

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    It would only reduce flow if it had worn the prop down really bad. I would pull it and check the bearings. I would also blow out the cooling lines and head fittings. Dont run it with it overheating, You will do major damage!

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    Sounds like you are getting a ton of cavatation and like btldigger said, prop is probably worn, which will definetly cause cavatation.

    If you are getting a ringing noise at the pump, most likely your bearings are shot and have allowed the prop to shift and hit the housing, which could wear down the prop and cause cavitation. Looks like it is pump rebuild and prop time for ya. Good luck with it. Hopefully it has not cause too much damage already.

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