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Thread: pump wedge msx

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    pump wedge msx

    hi where can i get a pump wedge for a 2004 msx 140

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    What wedge do you want? If you want a 4deg I'm sure somebody would send you one for free, myself included.

    If you're looking for a 6, a quick search will show that Watcon had them. Unsure if he has any more. or [email protected]

    Or post in the classified section....

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    thanks for ur help,,, is it better to get a 4 or a 6 and im in the uk so not many people post here

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    4 degree is the factory plastic one that it should have now. A 2 degree is for rough water and a 6 well that will lift the nose giving more top end speed. I think I've got it right. If you are going to get a 2 degree let me know as I would also like one but I think Randy (Watcon ) only makes them to order. 6's in stock.

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