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    aftermarket mikuni carb tunning

    i've gotten alot of help from you all. this is just about the last problem. after market mikunis idk what kind ill try my best to get pictures. first i had them running and i guess it was so lean that the engine wentup to about 8000 rpms and didnt stop i took the key out took the sparkplugs out. the only thing that worked was disconnecting the fuel lines. i messed with them some and i fixed that problem. the ski runs good above 20/30mph but below that it sounds and feels like a old beat up station wagon... each one has a screw with a spring on top and on the bottom.

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    come on yall help me out here

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    I think you need to give a lot more info. What ski,engine, exact type of carbs, modifications to engine,current jetting and pop off pressure,stock fuel pump or.


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