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    01 GP1200R - reliability issues

    I have a 98 GP800 and after some small modifications such as Protec fixed trim plates and an R&D Pro Series ride plate it now handles awesome. Of course I didn't forget to add the WaveEater clips. I'm looking to buy another so I have two machines. I'm looking at a 01 GP1200R but I don't know much about this machine. I like the 800 as it is a twin which means easier to maintain and cheaper to fix. Does anybody have some experience with the 1200 motor and hull? Are there any flaws with the GPR hull such as the porpoise problem on the GP? Is the 1200 a decent motor? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    i like the gpr hull over the gp hull. my friends gpr doesn't porpoise like his gp did.

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    Nothing that a ride plate won't take care of on the "GP" !


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