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    Repair a Thread on Cylinder Head?

    Anyone have any advice to repair a stripped sylinder head stud thread on a 1993 Fuji 750? I tried the metal-filled epoxy, it lasted about 10 minutes.

    A helicoil? A full insert? Stainless or brass? Brand name? Nice thing is, the aluminum was nicely machined by the steel stud. It should be easy enough to tap cleanly. ???. Is this a mistake? Is there even enough material there for the larger thread? I hate HATE aluminum.

    FWIW, the craft ran great until it became obvious that compression in one cylinder was going away. It ran worse and worse. The stud failed.

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    I measure this as an M8 x 1.0 thread, though I cannot find in the documantation...

    Oops, cannot read the gage. 1.25 pitch.

    It looks like AutoZone has a kit for $30.00... A helicoil type fastener. Should I go for it tomorrow?

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    That will work fine.

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    The helicoil seemed to take o.k., nut torqued properly. Running the tap in a confined space sucked. The aluminum in that cylinder is the devil.

    I used copper silicone sealant, the coating on the gasket had issues after only 15 minutes. Thinking about it, the OEM coating feels like silicone to me. Blue Loctite on the fasteners. All should be 100% cured by tomorrow.

    We'll see...

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