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    Stranded, smoking on the waterway

    I just put new bars and added more oil to my 2000 gpr and when i took it out today i give it full throttle and it only gets up to a sluggish 40. It starts going slower and slower until it tops out at 10mph so i stopped. Open the seat and smoke pours out. I am going to check the oil levels and make sure it's not too high but i don't know why that would make it do this. Added a little less than a half gal of oil before i rode and filled it up.

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    follow your pipe to where it connects to your battery box, run your hand around the rubber piece and make sure it is not all ripped up, same problem just happened to me. for a better look go to this site and look at part #62, make sure its sealed good and not ripped.

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    Probably the stinger to water box coupler.

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    i had the something simmilar happen to me a few weeks ago and it flooded the engine compartment on my ski. the exhaust came apart between the ss box and where it exited the back of the hull.

    the fumes from the exhaust chocked the engine, then allowed water to run into the hull.

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    Finally got it into the shop and they said it was the exhaust manifiold that needed to be replaced, thanks guys. They said could do it myself to save money it's one of my friend's dad's shop. He said between labor and the part it would upwards of $500 so i will do it myself.
    How hard will this be I am pretty confident I can do this myself all i need to do now is find the part.

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    PM Sent

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    why does the manifold need to be replaced????

    it is easy to do, don't pay him that much to do it. i think you might have broken your cat con, do you have a d-plate?

    also, a lot of people who put bars on don't realize that you need to cut the slack in the throttle. mine had about 3mph of slack in it when i tightened it.

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    manifold is smoking, it is cracked. No D plate installed on my ski

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