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    2008 gti 130 fuel economy

    I have just bought my wife a 2008 GTI 130. Sat we went on 50 mile ride. Our speed was 26mph min in rough, cruise around 42mph, and some wot at 55 mph. I was beside her on a 2001 gtx di with a dynafly 13/19 impeller. I burned almost 6 gal. the GTI burned the same. I couldn't belive it. I did have my son that weights 100lbs on the back. A gtx 155 that was with us that was ridden under 45 mph the whole time burned 6.7 gal. My gtx di willout run the gti 130 bottom to top but not by much. A 155 gti would outrun me I think. Cost to operate the GTI 130 is better. it dosent burn oil. GTX DI 84 hours, GTI 130 15 Hours. I will move to a GTI 155 because it has better rough water hull than my gtx.

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    I saw online that a test was done stating the burn rate of 6.8 gph for the GTI. It concludes that yamaha has the best fuel economy. I think someone needs to rerun the test. The race is much tighter than the results sugest. All N/A engines have a 2000 RPM power band. Where the intake and exhaust is tuned. I will try to run a test this weekend that sets cruise RPM at 5200. I understand that fuel economy isn't important to most people, but every time we ride we put over 100 miles on our skis. We ride point a to point b. Not land locked. Imust have a ski that will go 100 miles on a tank, incase a marina is closed.

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    Find a N/A Honda. They can run forever. One of the guys in your group has a RX-12 N/A. He burns about thrid to half what we use in the same distance. You will not get there fast, but you will not have fuel worries.

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