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    Arrow Kawasaki 900 ZXI Bendix Problem

    I've got a 95' 900 zxi that i got recently and was having a problem with it and a friend had got it started when i thought it was the starter. We took the starter off and was working fine and he took the flywheel cover off and cleaned it up inside and put it back together and was starting up fine. He was leaning towards it being the bendix not engaging on the flywheel. Anyway, it was doing fine for a few weeks and I went to go start it and is doing the same thing. You can here the starter turning the bendix but it is not engaging. Anyone have any ideas or tricks to solve this problem to get it to engage on the flywheel without taking it apart again. Thanks

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    any ideas guys????

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    repeated pounding on the starter button

    will often deal witht his sticky need to make sure the bendix is lubed well, or this is going to be a continuing problem, most of the starters I've pulled for this have been missing a seal or two from a previous dissaembly. Hot starters/engine cool down, drawing in moisture from any available source..and the starters being nice and low ( what were they thinking) they often get a case of the stickies. I lube my starter drives with a mixture of graphite powder and grease and haven't had a comback on them as of yet.

    Oh yeah, check the parts exploded guide to be sure all original rubber seals are in the right places.

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    If you dont want to replace then I would try to just lube it well. Those things suck because you have to pull the flywheel to remove them.

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