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    Built to fly...?

    Went wave jumping a few months ago on my sl780 and got hooked. SOOOOO much fun but everytime i go i feel like im gonna break something. Even landing tail down it feels sketchy. It just puts so much stress on everything. I want to know what kind of mods people do to their ski to take the abuse. I have seen the pump braces and stuff but their has to be more you can do. I feel like my motor mounts are starting to go and that they might be a good place to start. I just want to build a tough, reliable ski that cant hold up to some punishment. I know the flatter hull may not be the best for jumping but as far sl hulls go i feel like i have a good start with the short pump (less weight and stress). Should i add extra fiberglass to certain parts of the hull?
    Also throw up some big air pics if ya got'em!! Thanks, Justin

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    I wouldn't know where to beef up the ski for jumping, but it's a tough hull trust me.....

    The only places I can think of would be under the petcock, I've started stress cracking. And the hull where the pump is bolted would/could be a weak spot.

    The pump brace also included a set of SS reinforcements (one piece washers basically) to help prevent the studs from pulling through the fiberglass.

    If you think your motor mounts are weak, make sure they are tight.

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    good input x. Anybody else run into any issues that could be avoided?

    Lets see some pics!

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