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    2004 Rxp Questions

    Hey guys just about 2 weeks ago i needed to get my seadoo towed into shore after it would not stat, Then i happen to bring it home and i installed the rivia through hall exhaust had it all working and ran it on land 2 times no leaks or anything, when i went to turn it on the 3rd time nothing happened, So i ended up taking it to a dealer and they checked the seadoo over and told me it might be the solonied, after changing that it still did not help they tried to trun it over by hand and i was told it was vary hard, so they ened up taking apart the motor and found water in the motor, They ened up calling me today saying that i would need to end up needing a rebuild, so they quoted me $6087 canadian this is for a new long block and some other stuff, I have to pick up my seadoo and store it for a while so when i get it ill upload some pics of the motor but has anyone els had somthing like this happen before, I asked them if they might know how the water got into the motor but they told me they had no clue, Does this sound fishie or anything?

    Any help would be great thanks.

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    When you were running the engine on land - did you shut off the hose before turning off the motor??? If you didn't flooding the engine is possible.

    Rebuild it maybe, but not quite sure why they would replace the block???

    Are you close to Sportsterme - I think he had an engine looking for a home...

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    Ya i turned the water off then the seadoo, Thanks for the info about Sportsterme

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