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Thread: slt 750 reeds

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    slt 750 reeds

    Hi all,
    I am new here. I have a 95 slt 750 (owned since 1995) that is just to the point that it is starting to show its age in the performance catagory.
    I was pondering the idea of replacing the reeds (they are starting to chip) with some metal ones out of a tigershark (640) they appear to be the same size. What I don't know is if the plexability is the same. Just want somebody else thoughts on them.
    I have also been looking for the factory pop off pressure settings used at the factory to have a baseline to start with. I currently have two carbs at 14 psi pop off, the other is at 20 psi. I am guessing 20 is probably what I want to set them at. (I have a polaris sealoc book but no information on pop off settings).
    Hey my last thought, I've been noseing around here for the last week absorbing lots of good information, and this seams like a wonderful pwc forum. Good work by everybody. Any help with the two qustions,
    would be much appriaciated. pwcdaddy.

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    I'd recommend some new after market reed petals. There are some on ebay at the moment around $100. They'll give a good bit of performance increase. The specs for your popoff is between 10-18 psi.
    You can find some good info on your ski here.

    If you still have the single outlet fuel pump, it's a good idea to upgrade to the triple. Also if you have the grey Tempo brand fuel lines, it's time to change all of them, and clean out the carbs. Those lines will form a green goo that clogs the internal carb filters.

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    Forget the Tigershark reeds.

    Get these instead.

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    Thanks for the info starflight! I'm now guessing the 14psi carbs were at the correct setting and need to adjust the 20 psi carb down to match.

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    xlint, I could have snagged those reeds, but was too slow, but will be looking out for some to replace the ones that are chipping off. Thanks for helping.

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