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Thread: Loss of RPM???

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    Loss of RPM???

    I have 2 '05 RXP's and just recently got the SC's rebuilt/metal washers. On one of them, the RPM's are only 7800 at WOT now and before it was 8100. The only other things that are different is I installed an R&D Grate and flipped the wear ring around. The top speed is similar to before (70 on the speedo but I never checked the GPS speed before but now its 65.2) and the hook up and noticeably better, but the RPM's are still lower.....any ideas? I thought the intake grate was supposed to increase RPM's? The weather is a little warmer than the last time I used them (95 instead of 90) but I didn't figure that should cause a 300 RPM drop. I have already read the thread on RPM loss, but all my hoses are tight, the prop is fine and the wear ring was just flipped around so it shouldn't be bad. Thanks!

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    A grate does not increase rpm. It's a drag....literally. It forces water into the pump tunnel...but at the expense of drag. With enough ponies the trade off is a positive.

    More drag....lower rpm.....more heat....lower rpm.

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