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    compression issues

    Ok so just borrowed a compression gauge from a friend to find out i have cylinder 3 at 120, 2 at 0 and, 1 at 60. As you prob can tell it runs if at all like shit and this all happened after hitting 83mph and then it just started loosing power fast real fast. I started burning oil and so im thinking that the rings are gone. Im looking for anyone who might know if this sounds right.

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    Jason, unfortunately it sounds like you have suffered a typical melt down of rings/pistons because of high boost and AFR issues. I am surprised it is the center cylinder, but not surprised about the overall compression test results.

    I've been there more times than I want to admit... gotta love this sport!

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    Im thinking its the rings i want to say that and overage of fuel caused the oil rings to burn up and presto no compression. Oh well i guess its time to start doing modding the inside of the motor now yippy.

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    better hurry up on that sir... guess I can out run you now

    If you need help, or an extra set of hands, gimme a ring.

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    thanks buddy i need to swing by and check out the new ski in your avatar looks good.

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    u can drop that rxpoo in by juanas and I can pull you around. It might scare you to get to such high speeds on a seadoo... j/k

    Any ideas on what your plan is for your ski? that was a fast boat.

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    I bet we could tow it around pretty fast sounds like fun how about this weekend lol. Anyways im going to pull the block prob and do what i can to the internals while its out. Going to do a cam and some other goodies.

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    If I was you I would part that thing out and get you an FZ.

    you are about to spend 1500-2000 just to rebuild/upgrade

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