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    help with bogging

    I just purchased this ski and my first time out it ran fine, the second time, the rpm's on the top end going around 50 started fluxing, before I took it out I changed the plugs and put 4 gallons of fuel in it. the person that I got it from only had it out once this year, anyway. I had it out today and found that the ski was doing the same thing, then it got worse. by the end of the 1 hour I had it out it now will not get up to 15mph, but if I give it a second it will just out of the hole very strong and then bog, I tryed the old plugs again and no change, new to all this any help. thanks Ron

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    What type of ski?

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    Water conditions? In turns or flats?

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    Sorry for the delay, my ski is a 2000 limited 1200, and if you go full throttle from an idle, it jumps out of the water and then just dies out and boggs. thanks for any help. Ron

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    I would look at the carbs since it hasnt had much use. Have you checked compression?

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    took it out today, after I took all the gas out and put in a full tank in, put a new fuel filter and sea foam, it took about 15 min's and it started runnung good, then about a hour later if wouldn't go over 40 and bogging. I let it rest, took it back out, now with about a 1/2 tank. and the thottle started to stick. sweezed it a few times and it was ok, and running fine, 58 mph. then i put it on the trailer, any clues? thanks Ron

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    The Sea Foam seems to be working, but thr throttle is sticking right when you start to go then free's up within a min. and then fine til you shut it off again and then it sticks again for a min, any clue? thanks ron

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