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    RXT Stage 2, Pitch ??

    I finally got back on the water. I was able to get ahold of a rebuilt SC with the Riva Gen 2 SC (thanks rw40426). I ended up finding my oil scavenger filter in the hull, guess I dropped it. It had some small fillings from the SC but nothing bad. I did an oil change and bolted everything back. My ski is running great and my son is even taking to it.

    My question
    I'm hitting the rev limiter 8100 and I think I have another 100rpm left. I'm running a 14/19 solas. Looks like Riva now has the RXT stage 2 using a 13/19. I was going to send my other 14/19 to impros and just have a 100rpm bend/tweak. Not sure if anyone is running a 15/19 or 14/20 with a RXT stage 2.

    I can't remember what the first number is for , acceleration ?

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    Contact Erik as Speedfreeks about pitching your prop. If you send it to Impros you wont have it back for a month or two. Erik will have it back in a week

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    Dave said he'll have it back to me next week. He's done about 2-3 of my other impellers with good service. This is a spare so don't really need a real quick turn around. Just not sure when you actually step up a number like from 14/19 to 15/19 or 14/20. If it's 100rpm or like 300rpm.

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