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    01 Virage TX no fire

    I'm looking for the info to test stator and rest of ign. system. I have an 01 virage tx (carb) that quit firing this past weekend. the hull # is us-ple23606d101. I have read alot of posts on the forum as far as testing info, but haven't found the specific numbers for this model it is the 700 twin and has never had anything done to it by us. I did notice while in the box that the red\purple wire from the cdi box is tied to an orange wire. What I have checked already is I do have power to the red\purple wire to the cdi while cranking only. I do have 9 volts coming from the cdi while cranking (unplugged from stator) and 9 volts continuosly while plugged up. I didn't have the numbers to check the stator but I did ohm them and got various readings from 20 ohms to over 300 ohms on different wires to ground

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    DO YOU HAVE THE SERVICE MANUAL FOR IT ??? i would try and get that first , seems to be lots of them on line here . should lead you in the right direction . if you can't find it here , pm me with an email address and i have in in pdf form. as long as you have adobe to open it with !!


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    What is the voltage for the red/purp wire to the CDI while cranking. Needs to be more than 10.5v.

    You were not specific which wire has 9v

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    This is one of the sections to look through when hunting for technical info
    Polaris Tech Tips and Info

    Have a look at this thread;
    How to test CDI, Magneto stator coils & Hall Effect sensors on domestic engines

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    more testing done

    ok I did some testing by the manual tonight. Testing the stator showed everything matched the book. The hall sensor passed also. the CDI module has 12.4 volts coming in on the red/purple wire and 9 volts going out on the tan wire. The coil was the only thing that was off, the plug wire to plug wire reading was between 8500 and 10000 ohms with the 8500 being the more consistent reading. I still have no fire. I didn't find any testing info for the lr module in the manual. Also I don't know if it points any fingers but the bilge pump fuse was blown when I first went into the electrical box. I have also tried taking the MFI out of the loop with the shorting method I found on here. As far as the rev limiter,I unhooked the gray wire to the terminal board and it didn't help. I was unsure whether it was that one or the one between the stator and the CDI box but by the time I realised that one was there I had already pulled the battery. I hope this additional info can help someone shed some light on this problem. Much thanks to all who are trying to help


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    Quote Originally Posted by A10ECGent View Post
    ...the CDI module has 12.4 volts coming in on the red/purple wire...
    CDI voltage must be checked while the engine is actually cranking over, with the Start button held down.

    Voltage into the CDI must be over 10.5 volts during this test.

    The other meter probe should be on the CDI black wire.

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