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    Please help me choose

    Hey guys, got lots of great help from many people on this site and now I need help on deciding which ski to choose. I'd like something reliable, somewhat fast and can pull a tube easily. I've narrowed it down to these 2. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!!

    1995 Sea Doo XP 720 2100.00$ trailer included, needs battery

    1997 Seadoo SPX 2200.00$ trailer NOT included, poor paint job but fixable

    I'm leaning towards the SPX because of the power but would love to hear your opinion.

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    Go with the 800cc motor

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    I don't know about in your area, but in MD you have to have a driver and a watcher so that means you need a three seater to pull a tube.

    I pulled a tube before with my '93 SPI when I was a kid, it has a similar hull to both of those and to be honest, they are pretty light to be putting that kind of drag on them and they move all over the place. A three seater would be much better suitable for this reason as well.

    You might want to test ride a ski that size as well if you've never been on one. I've seen MANY people fall off perpetually and not be able to get back on at the lake. Some can't even make it past the dock before falling in.

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    If you go for the 95 make sure you BRING a battery.. A lot of shady people will sell as ski as "just needs a battery" knowing the motor won't start or is blown.

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