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    Engine RPMS for T-X

    What is the correct RPM for making the most power.

    I have heard some people report that the power band is at 8050 and others say it is just under 8200.

    Trying to pitch a prop to run at the top of the power curve is hard enough without knowing just where it is. With modifications, I would think the curve would most likely increase in respect to RPM's as in they should be a little higher as in say 100 or so.

    Sorry for the rambling, this is what is I am running currently.

    Prop # 1 is a solas 14/19 that was pitched to 14/20.5 Current RPM's are 1080 at 68.9 mph.

    Prop # 2 is a solas that was pitched to 15/22 and it turns 7800 RPM's at 70.5mph.

    The setup is Kanaflex and R&D Free flow, R&D Grate.

    Thanks for any help. I am sending prop # 2 to Eric as soon as I get it removed. He wants to pitch it to run at 8150 after I add the 83mm nozzle. I am hoping that with the addition of the nozzle that the RPM's come down around a hundred or so.

    Thanks for letting me ramble on and on.....

    (not just yet)

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    Erik did my t-x prop. 8120-8140 is ideal.


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    I am going to send it off on Friday, I am putting the 14/20.5 back in for the time being. I am going to add the nozzle and check RPM's and speed, then when the 15/22 gets back, going to do it all over again. I will send the 14/20.5 back to Eric to spec it to the same as the other -100 RPMS or so for cooler season.

    Who knows what that prop really is,(14/20.5) I just thought it would give more speed since it was turning at near limiter RPMS. Especially since the 15/22 was faster at less RPMS.

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