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    RXT-X Intake Grate Riva vs R&D

    I have a 2008 RXT-X with a Riva stage 1 kit installed. Which intake grate is better for top speed the Riva or R&D?? I have the Riva on it but i didnt see any improvent between the Riva and the stock grate. i installed the grate when the ski was bone stock but now i am looking for a little more top speed since I installed the Stage 1 kit.

    Any help would be great..

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    are you using the speedo on the rxtx....there should be a difference with the top speed of the grates...make sure you are getting a gps reading of speed...the stock dream-o only reads until 70

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    Yes I am using a GPS. i am currently running 71 - 72 mph with a half tank of fuel.

    I lent my buddy the GPS when we where out yesterday and he said his speedo is reading 65 but he is only going about 52 mph....I told him he didnt want to do it cause he would get upset but he didnt belive me that the factory sppedo isnt accurate..

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    Are you sure there were no gain with the grate? I'd suggest putting the stocker back now that you have done your other mods.. Its almost a given to gain 2-3 by switching grates.. especially the riva

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    your speed of 72 with stage 1 on T-X is in the ballpark. you said your ski has had Stage 1 for a while so, when was it last that you ran the stock X grate? if was cooler then that is why your reporting no gain. you must do a back to back grate test in exact same conditions to compare grates. I have done back to back grate test on T-X and the riva is at the top in top speed.

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    I have a riva for the RXT-X for sale 100.00

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    What know takers ,Its a great deal dont pass it up.

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    or modify your stock grate for the best results and spend the money on something else

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    Quote Originally Posted by shhr View Post
    or modify your stock grate for the best results and spend the money on something else

    Actually, that is a pretty good price for a Riva "X" grate.

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    R&D grate should be your best bet

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