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    Hello from Orlando, FL

    Hello to all. This is a first time on here so I'm not sure that this is posted in the correct location. My name is Eligio, I live just north of Orlando in Sanford, Fl. I own a 99 GSXL which has remained stock untill recently. I have a few mods on the boat now and am learning as a go. I am also finding that modifing a ski can be very addicting! lol I'm sure you all know that already. ~Eligio

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    Welcome to the forum, lots of useful and accurate information you can obtain through the members here..... Use the search feature to find anything specific you might be looking for, good luck!

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    Welcome to the forum!

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    Thanks for the welcome, that search button helps greatly! I probably would have already asked about 5 questions that have been already answered!

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