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    GP1300R OEM head bolts question

    I'm doing a conversion, Installed a 1300 OEM top end on my 00 GPR
    I thought I could use my 1200 head bolts with a few washers on a 1300 milled head. But the difference is huge, so decided to buy some 1300 head bolts.

    Looking at the parts finder and the 1300 head I bought:

    I don't think the bolt #9 will fit the holes that are highlighted with a red circle in this picture. Also the required quantities at the parts finder don't match. So there most be a part number missing here? Does anyone know the part number of those four bolts, cause I need to buy a full set.

    Or maybe someone could make my life a lot easier and sell me a full set of used ones?

    Perhaps trade 1300 bolts for the 1200 bolts that I have?


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    90119-08MA1-00 is bolt #9 in the diagram above, it says a qty of 12 are required
    90119-08M67-00 is bolt #11 in the diagram above, it says a qty of 2 are required

    Still missing 4 bolts (red circles) to complete the total of 18 bolts (6 per cylinder)

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    I Guess no one knows? Hasn't anyone bought these before? or know where to get the information?

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    just be patient, someone here will know.

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    ...i don't know the part # but inquired a few weeks ago at the yami dealer. They might have some in the back shop so ask, but they are about 2.50 a piece and yes, are slightly longer than the other's. And as you may or may not know, those 4 won't work and aren't re-usable for aftermarket heads like R&D and Riva.

    I'd say just order them from the dealer.

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    not reusable? please explain...

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    If anybody find out the part number please let me know, I had to install Stainles Steel bolts in those four holes.

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    StainlessSteel at 25 ft/lb is not safe.


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    I think head bolts are torque to yeild (TTY) meaning they cant be reused.

    At least I know that its true for Ford and Toyota motors.

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    I bought all 12 short bolts new from yamaha, the problem is there is no part number for the 4 long I cant buy them...

    Im looking for the part number.

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