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    Polaris SL 1050 Driveshaft Removal

    I am repairing the pump on a 1997 SL 1050. One of the bearings went out on the pump and tore up the impeller and wear ring.

    I was able to remove the pump and want to remove the driveshaft to lube the splines and check the driveshaft bearing housing. I suspect that the driveshaft has been damaged where it goes through the bearing housing. I can not get the driveshft to come out of the engine coupler, it will move about 1/4 inch and then it is extremely tight. Not sure if there is wear on the driveshaft that might be catching on the bearing. Or maybe the splines on the engine coupler are damaged. It appears that the driveshaft should slide out.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Wiggle and pull it will come out.

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