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    97 SeaDoo GTX runs out of water but no power & max rpm @ 3200 in water

    It has been at the Marina shop now for 7 weeks and they have yet to look at it!!! At $75/hour I can't believe they are so I have picked it up and ready to do it I need a little guidence!

    Here is what the 1997 Sea Doo GTX one does:

    1. Starts up PERFECTLY! Two short beeps when you attach the key and she starts right up!

    2. When it starts up it says "12v LOW" on the dash read out (but the battery is brand new, and is properly charged and reads 12.80 volts with a DVM). No other read outs or sounds.

    3. With it starting on the trailer (running for less than 10-15 seconds out of the water) it sounds and rev's fine, up to 6,000 rpms or higher.

    4. In the water, it runs but full throttle only allows up to 3200 rpms and the speed is no faster than 5 mph (thinking that it may be in "limp Mode"?).

    5. Back at the house, I put in new plugs and recharged (trickle charged) the battery, started up and did the same as before, ran great on the trailer, went back to the water and same result, 3200 rpms and 5 mph.

    6. Came back, pulled the plugs, the plug towards the bow was firing, the plug towards the stern was not. I switched them around just to confirm and same result, so the plugs were fine it is either in the plug wire or the rectifier as far as I can determine...but there again, I am no expert...or I guess the piston towards the stern could be blown, but it just had a compression check in March and everything looked good, 141 lbs, and it has not been run other than above.

    7. I checked and cleaned the fuel filter, checked all of the fuses, both front and rear. I cut ¼ inch off of the wires at the coil and retried, still the same result.

    I have had people tell me that I need to replace the head gasket, the Rave Valves, and even replace the impeller (?)...I am thinking it it more in the coil, but not sure how to test and verify before I just start replacing parts.

    Any words of wisdom would be great as I have not had the pleasure of riding this one yet and I would love to before the snow starts flying!!!

    Thanks all for any help!

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    Welcome to the Hulk Tom. I sent him here guys,So try and help him out.

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    Its either the coil, plug wire, or the post the coil gets its power from, the box that has the wires coming out of it is where the coils are and check to make sure the connections aren't all rusted cause that will cause issues, coils are about 138 bucks from the dealer.

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    Tom, sent you a PM.

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