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    how do you do compression check???

    i tried to search how to but didnt find it??? help thanks (dealer said he did mine and it came out 140 all around.) (i have a comp gauge and wanna check myself)

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    AFAIK, you take the plugs out and stick the gauge into the cylinder and with the throttle at wide open, crank.

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    on 05 sc ic rxp thank you!!

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    just a matter of finding the right size fitting for the spark plug holes.
    Just take out all the spark plugs and I unplug the injectors but its not nessesary, I just think that the fuel will make a better seal and throw me off, anyways just screw it into the hole and try to start the engine, let it turn over about 4-6 times, till you get a good reading. then do the same for all.

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    thats what i was gonna do bigdaddy...thanks man. wasnt sure if i had to undo injectors (if you hold throttle at wot it will keep injectors from firing as well)

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    I think you hold the throttle at WOT because you don't want any restriction to the cylinders.

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    Holding the throttle wide open prevents the ski from starting.

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    That's the part I don't get. Some people run with all the plugs in and some run with them out. If they are out, how will it start?

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    With the throttle open the ECU will not spark or fire the injectors.

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