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    hx 4tech

    What do you think i got a like new hx whitout a motor.

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    no,before you think about that be aware that with a s/s 800 motor they were tearing up drive system and the aft bearing housing bad. and with all that weight and speed -well i've been on one that did low 60 and it was very unnerving -so under the policy name use chip de in pcb

    later cd

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    I dont think it will float uprite... I had an HX with a 720 and it was unstable and scarry piped... I cant imagine it with a 4 tech..> Sounds like a good time. The reality is... Im not even sure it would fit.

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    I dont think it will fit even IF it was a good idea.

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    a descently built 720 with a head and a pipe with the right prop will last longer, actually float and probably outrun a 4 tec. hxs are meant to be light.

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