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    Quick Trim

    Can someone please explan to me how the trim effects the ski's movement. For example when you move it up what does it do different bysides lift the front up. Also what positions is the best for diff levels of fuel and water roughness. I cant find my service manual or owners and tryed to look online but the links are down. Thanks

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    in simply terms the trim does just what you stated ......move the nose up or down. but it really is more complicated . it can help you get more top end speed on flat water by pulling more of your hull out of the water , you have less drag...less drag , more speed. trimming down puts more hull in water , and makes the waves a little smoother ......cuts out the ' "PORPOSING" think of how dolphins swim , the out of water , into the water . or less front end bounce. this is common on smaller machines.....single seaters. really you just need to go out and play with it . and find the sweet spot for your conditions . personnally i rarely used it on mine unless i was drag racing someone!!

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